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Workforce Management

Globexo makes sure you get the right people to do the right tasks, at the right time, and in the right place. We help you analyze the current situation in your company so that you’ll be able to maximize resources, and lower labor costs, all without lowering the quality of the work. The aim here is to provide services with the knowledge of how work can be done efficiently so as to achieve customer satisfaction.

  • Staffing
  • IT Staffing
  • Recruitment
  • Skill and Learning solutions

Globexo undertakes the responsible security, maintenance and services of work facilities to ensure that they meet the needs of the company and its employees. Looking after all services that help a business perform its work and having properly managed facilities is crucial for saving on costs. Managing equipment and premises will lead to fewer maintenance issues enabling companies to focus more on prevention rather than treatment as we equip you to deal with problems before they arise.

  • Security
  • Healthcare
  • Industrial Services

Facility Management

Technology Solutions

Services offered by Globexo, with a vision to enhance IT services and solutions for companies across industries. We help you adopt newer technologies as well as enable you to manage your existing application needs. Our digital and IT Solutions along with Technology consulting services help companies address their business challenges while balancing the traditional and new digital era.

  • Domestic IT Services
  • Job Solutions

Ensuring user queries are captured and validated for further processing through Globexo. Various types of information are communicated to users through the appropriate channel(s) which further help in optimizing processes through automation, competence building, knowledge sharing and other changes.

  • Help Desk
  • Dealer/Vendor Services
  • User Query/Issue Handling

Management Support Services